Curtiss-WrightAnnual Report 2017



A sampling of the innovation and tenacity that keeps us delivering year after year.

Accomplishments Accomplishments

Taking Aerospace Test to New Heights:

TTC Acquisition Creates Market Leading Data Acquisition Supplier

In 2017, Curtiss-Wright formed the industry’s broadest and most experienced single source for customers of commercial and defense aerospace instrumentation system solutions through the combination of its Teletronics Technology Corporation (TTC) and Acra business units. As a result, we are able to leverage their collective strengths to drive product co-development and provide worldwide support. Curtiss-Wright now supports more aerospace flight test customers, platforms, and programs than any other competitor around the world with the broadest range of in-house designed system level data acquisition products. In the photo above, a USAF Flight Crew Chief performs pre-flight tests on an RQ-4B Global Hawk.

Investment in Product Innovation
Recognized Across the Industry

Curtiss-Wright continuously invests in research and development to bolster its leadership position in embedded computing by maintaining existing products and developing innovative new products. In 2017, these efforts were honored by customers, suppliers, and the media. Mentor recognized Curtiss-Wright's Defense Solutions (CWDS) division with its 1st Place Technology Leadership Award for Military & Aerospace PCB design excellence. Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems presented its 5-Star Supplier Award for outstanding supplier quality performance. Additionally, five CWDS products were awarded Military & Aerospace Electronics magazine’s Innovators Award.


A More Electric World

Curtiss-Wright’s expertise in electromechanical actuation (EMA) spans aviation, defense and industrial automation markets. Our actuation solutions provide the efficiency, power and durability required for critical applications as they convert to “electrification.” For example, in the industrial automotive industry, our electric actuators are integrated into robotic arms (as pictured) for welding, painting, and material handling. In defense, they are used on aircraft carriers to support the Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment (ALRE) systems and Aircraft Elevator (ACE) lock and stanchion systems. Curtiss-Wright is creating a cleaner, more efficient electric world through our highly engineered EMA solutions.


Ahead of the Curve in Shifting Trends

Curtiss-Wright launched a new Universal Column Shifter into serial production with a major North American truck OEM in 2017. From a single hardware platform, the column mounted shifter can be programmed to shift a variety of automatic transmissions from various manufacturers. This simplifies vehicle design for the OEM, giving them control over their cab design instead of having to accommodate unique shifters for each transmission. The shifter can also accommodate the engine brake function and is available in symmetrical designs for right hand and left hand installations.


Next Generation of Protection,
Reliability and Power

Curtiss-Wright has developed a new generation of traction inverters–the World Traction Inverter (WTI) family–targeted at both on- and off-highway vehicle markets. Over 16 years of design, production and in-field experience (over 1.8 billion on-road km) went into developing the WTI family, which offers unmatched protection, reliability and power density compared to today’s existing traction inverters. Curtiss-Wright recently secured a contract with a global hybrid drive system supplier for transit buses, as well as a strategic partnership with a well-known system supplier, offering electrification drive systems for on- and off-highway vehicle applications.