2016 Annual Report
TNT Express

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TNT Express: Strategic Integration

TNT Express is the largest acquisition in FedEx history, and its benefits are expected to be equally significant. The addition will transform our global portfolio of solutions, particularly in Europe, substantially lower our cost to serve our European markets by increasing density in our pickup and delivery operations and accelerate our global growth.

To help us realize the value of the transaction, we’re applying our ACQUIRE process that we’ve refined over many acquisitions. It’s a cross-functional management system used to complete a transaction, integrate a new company and help us obtain the financial results we intend. Today more than 20 FedEx and TNT Express functional and geographical teams are working together to ensure a smooth integration and long-term strategic success.

The TNT Acquisition Elevates FedEx in Air Export Market Rankings

 FedEx (with TNT)UPSDHL

United States

1 2 3


1 2 3


2 3 1

Asia Pacific

2 3 1

Latin America

2 3 1

Rankings based on CY2015 company-reported data. FedEx and UPS estimates reported as shipper-based. DHL and TNT reported as payor-based. For U.S. air export, shipper-based estimates were used. Regional estimates are made based on FedEx region definitions. Source: FedEx Market Development.

A Denser Network Lowers Costs

Combining TNT Express with our intra-European and intercontinental Express services will make our operations more productive and efficient.

A Global Competitive Advantage

TNT Express broadens our portfolio, delivering long-term shareowner value.