2017 Annual Report
E-Commerce Growth

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Solutions Make E-Commerce Easier, More Profitable

E-commerce continues to reshape retail, with retailers moving rapidly to meet shifting consumer behavior and expectations. As the big picture evolves, our role is clear: facilitate profitable e-commerce growth.

Over time, economics will require more innovative ways to deliver goods ordered online, instead of only delivering individual items to residences, which is expensive.

To make that happen, FedEx must continue combining our physical assets and digital capabilities to create more effective, efficient, and secure delivery alternatives. We must also ensure we are properly compensated for the outstanding services we provide.

Up to 8,000 Walgreens locations will make it easier to drop off and pick up packages.

> Small and medium-sized online retailers are now fulfilling U.S. domestic and export orders through FedEx® Fulfillment — a new turnkey e-commerce solution that helps businesses fulfill orders from different sources, including e-commerce websites and online marketplaces.

> Cross-border shopping is growing and is expected to total 20 percent of e-commerce by 2022, with sales of $627 billion1. New FedEx Cross Border services provide both shoppers and merchants with a much faster, easier way to conduct international e-commerce.

> More than 6 million registered users — about 50 percent more than last year — are now taking advantage of FedEx Delivery Manager® to schedule package deliveries where and when it’s convenient for them. We also expanded the service to 36 countries, with plans to add dozens more in FY18.

> Nearly 8,000 Walgreens locations will add punch to the FedEx OnSite network offering consumers more convenient and secure drop-off and pickup options.

1 Practical Ecommerce, 2017. "The Explosive Growth of Cross-border Ecommerce."

How to Deliver E-Commerce

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