2017 Annual Report
Fleet Modernization

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New Aircraft Improve Fuel Efficiency and Customer Service

Almost 1,300 additional on-time departures in FY17 resulting from 0.7 percent increase in aircraft reliability over the last five years.

Investing in new aircraft not only reduces maintenance costs, it increases reliability, which translates into a better customer experience.

Every flight can carry tens of thousands of important packages. The more our aircraft stay on schedule, the better FedEx Express is able to deliver shipments on time, backed by our money-back guarantee.

Reliability for the newer B777F and B767F aircraft is above 99 percent, meaning they depart as scheduled over 99 percent of the time. These aircraft also have a long maintenance honeymoon period, are more fuel-efficient — helping save money — and emit lower levels of carbon emissions.

In addition to modernizing the fleet, FedEx has improved reliability in all aircraft through strategic maintenance programs. Consistent progress over the past five years led overall fleet reliability to its highest level. The 0.7 percent improvement in reliability achieved over the last five years is equivalent to almost 1,300 additional on-time aircraft departures in FY17, affecting the delivery of millions of packages.