2017 Annual Report
TNT Express Integration

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TNT Express Integration Is in Full Swing

Key TNT Express integration milestones in FY17 include:

> We implemented the first phase of cross-scan technology that enables us to handle TNT Express packages in the FedEx network and vice versa. Just as important, we’re able to manage and coordinate inquiries from FedEx and TNT customers.

> FedEx successfully integrated 64 countries in FY17. We’re in the process of integrating additional countries including many of our largest direct-serve businesses. Our focus for country integration in FY18 will turn to more complex, but higher value markets.

> In April, we took one of the first steps to connect the FedEx Express and TNT worldwide networks by successfully launching our new B777F flight from the TNT air hub in Liège, Belgium, to the FedEx World Hub in Memphis. This new around-the-world flight goes on to Shanghai before returning to Liège.

It gives 100,000 TNT customers access to the FedEx network in the U.S. and Canada, with consistent two-day transit times for express shipments compared with two to four days previously. The flight also speeds up transit times from Asia to Europe.

FedEx and TNT Flight Connects the World