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Nielsen's Watch segment provides media and advertising clients audience measurement services across all devices — television, radio, online, mobile — where content is consumed. We are the global leader in both television and digital measurement, helping our clients understand the reach of their content and advertising campaigns, as well as providing effectiveness metrics that help optimize and validate their overall spending, and maximize the value of their content. We continue to evolve our offerings with the changing digital media landscape in areas like social media, as well as tablet and mobile measurement. Our multi-platform measurement strategy brings together the best of TV and digital measurement to ensure a more functional marketplace for the industry.

Global television audience measurement
  • Currency for US television
  • Television audience measurement in 35 countries
  • Proprietary measurement technology
Digital measurement, audience analytics and consumer research
  • Online Campaign Ratings
  • Digital Program Ratings
  • Mobile measurement
  • Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings
Radio audience measurement
  • Local advertising effectiveness
  • Digital streaming
Solutions to help clients improve advertising return on investment by linking audience reach data with retail data
  • Nielsen Buyer Insights
  • Nielsen Catalina Solutions
  • Nielsen Brand Effect

How can I best reach my core customer base?

  • One of the largest U.S. operators of select-service hotels wanted to find the most efficient way to reach their core customer base, the male business traveler in the coveted male 25-64 audience.

  • They knew that the audience was dispersed across numerous digital touch points, and wanted to execute an integrated cross-screen campaign that would drive awareness and intent, with a deliberate overlap of cross-platform exposure. The client came to Nielsen to figure out how to apply their budget precisely to maximize reach and impact on their desired audience.

  • We worked with the client to employ TV and online campaigns for 7 weeks. Using our digital and TV measurement, the client identified the best mix of sites and programs to expose their desired audience to the campaign across both screens — the focus was primarily on TV morning and daytime news programs supplemented with online ads.

In addition to a 100% increase in cross-screen exposure, publisher on-target performance also improved by up to 35%. Importantly, the results also inspired a new vision around media buying and planning, fueled by consistent and actionable insights.

How do we run the most effective in-image ad campaign and maximize purchase intent?

  • A large international electronics company planned to release a new high-definition television. Through prior research, the client knew that the seasonality for TVs was during the NFL season, which also coincides with the holiday shopping season.

  • The client teamed up with an in-image advertising platform, and a media buying agency to promote the new line of TVs to avid football fans — males 18-49 who watch football and researched TVs online in the past 6 months.

  • They put together an in-image campaign to reach the client's audience, with animated and static ads overlaid on football images across its platform. They wanted real-time brand lift metrics to prove the new, disruptive in-image ads' impact on purchase intent.

  • Using Online Brand Effect solution, we measured each ad's performance and contribution to brand lift, allowing us to provide opportunities to adjust frequency and placement in real time. We identified the top performing creative, a custom animated unit that drove brand lift that was over 4.5X the campaign average and identified the most effective ad exposure frequency, highlighting the opportunity to implement a frequency cap.

Increased sales by 12.1% at a large nationwide retailer in the four months following the assortment changes.

How can I adjust my advertising to reach the right consumers?

  • A large rental car company wanted to target their TV advertising towards males 35+ with incomes higher than $100,000 — the consumers with the highest frequency of car rentals. The client engaged Nielsen to ensure that they were being as efficient and effective as possible in reaching their target audience.

  • Through Nielsen Buyer Insights, we identified those consumers who were heavy rental car users but not currently renting from this client, along with which networks those consumers tended to watch.

  • Our findings led the client to shift a portion of its media spend to those networks with a heavy buyer index for car rental advertising.

By being smarter with the data they were using, the client realized a 33% increase in impressions to their most desirable audience, at no incremental cost.