2014 Year in Review
What Consumers

Our Watch segment provides media and advertising clients with independent measurement of the Total Audience across all screens, devices, and platforms consumers are using to access content. Nielsen's ratings are widely regarded as the currency in the media buying and selling marketplace. Beyond ratings, Nielsen's Watch portfolio provides analytics that help clients to understand the reach of (how many and who did my ad reach?), resonance of (does it change how they think?), and reaction to (does it change how they buy?) advertising.

LEFT: ROBERTO VAZQUEZ mexico Client Service
MIDDLE: jessica hogue new york, u.s. Client Service
RIGHT: pedro lima switzerland Business Development
LEFT: ROBERTO VAZQUEZ mexico Client Service
MIDDLE: jessica hogue new york, u.s. Client Service
RIGHT: pedro lima switzerland Business Development
Case Studies:
Online Brand Effect
How do I optimize brand lift in real time?
  • A company was launching a new all-natural energy drink. The company worked with a women's media platform and one of the largest online lifestyle networks to focus the launch on their audience of influential moms. The platform put together a hub for the company that consisted of custom content, sponsorships, display ads and high impact re-skins. To assess the campaign's impact on awareness, both wanted real-time metrics that they could directly access and collaborate around.

  • Both companies used Nielsen Online Brand Effect to collaboratively measure and optimize awareness while the campaign was still running, and maximize ROI.

  • The companies were able to log into the same user-friendly system and directly collaborate around real-time brand lift metrics on the campaign's effectiveness against the primary marketing objective — awareness. In-depth metrics on key campaign elements driving brand lift — creative, site and frequency were also highlighted, providing opportunities to improve performance in-flight. The companies were able to review creative, site, frequency and lifetime performance in real time.

11.3% brand lift in awareness, 7x higher lift than the campaign average, 12% incremental revenue for digital publisher.
Nielsen Neuro
How can I optimize media planning to increase ROI?
  • A pet industry group released their recent campaign as a series of videos showing dogs, cats and other animals up for adoption interacting with the screen. Testing done by Nielsen Neuro showed that the overall ad was very effective, scoring in the second highest quintile overall, putting the ad in the top 40%. However, the company wanted better results, so they used the data Nielsen Neuro collected to improve their ad.

  • Nielsen Neuro provides a dashboard of the second by second results, showing how respondents' brains are responding to each part of the ad and shows overall Effectiveness, Attention, Emotional Engagement, and Memory Retention. This allowed us to identify the most neurologically effective scenes of the current ad and revise into more effective version.

  • Therefore, the company decided to help improve the video by revising parts of the ad that were not as effective for the audience. These parts included slow segments, awkward transitions, and extended pauses.

133% increase in website visits, 2X increase in average monthly website traffic, 28% rise in pet finder database searches after launch of revised video.
How should I allocate marketing spend to generate the strongest ROI?
  • A pasta sauce manufacturer allocates marketing spending towards trade, TV, coupon, online and print advertising for one of their brands and needs to understand which elements of their marketing mix generates the strongest ROI.

  • Nielsen's Marketing mix modeling initiative identified that the brand's consumption indices showed a high propensity for lower income households to purchase the brand, but penetration indices indicate that the brand only had 30% penetration rate within this consumer group.

  • The brand's skew aligns nicely with that of G&S Mart shopper, as well as the profile of heavy TV viewers. Thus, the company was in a strong position to leverage trade promotion in G&S Mart and leverage television advertising to improve penetration within its lower income consumer target.

17% increase in grocery trade spending, incremental ~74K units sold vs year ago, increased bottom-line profit by focusing on key media outlets.