Our Environment

VISION: Sustainable options are a fundamental part of the decision-making process at an individual and organizational level throughout Nielsen.

MISSION: To continuously identify, bring awareness to, and advocate for, sustainable options in an effort to manage and reduce Nielsen's impact on the environment by driving operational efficiencies.

In other words ... making sustainability part of our DNA.

How We Do It


Nielsen has identified priority environmental cornerstones to drive a strategy that focuses on building our Infrastructure, Advocacy and Awareness.


Promote strategies to reduce landfill and other waste. This includes looking at ways to control our recyclable and compostable waste too.


Promote better building energy performance through innovative strategies.


Encourage the use of sustainable building materials and waste reduction, such as the use of recycled furniture and carpets made from recycled materials.


Reduce our carbon emissions by focusing on ways to reduce, optimize and offset our travel.


Spread knowledge and awareness by educating colleagues, clients and vendors on the urgent need for action and building plans with them.


Promote smarter and more efficient use of water through controlled or reduced consumption.


Maintain productive workspaces for all employees, through promoting better indoor air quality and unobstructed access to daylight. This commitment is part of every aspect of our offices, from using low or no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) cleaning supplies to ensuring reduced concentrations of air pollutants everywhere we operate.


Nielsen conducted its first non-financial Materiality Assessment in 2015, which surveyed our internal and external stakeholders about the most significant issues affecting the business. Energy, Travel and Waste emerged as the top environmental indicators for Nielsen. While water use was not identified as a direct material risk to Nielsen's operations, it is recognized as a societal issue that affects our employees around the world.

Learn more about Nielsen's Environmental Program & Policy and how we are building responsible process through our Environmental Guidelines for Operations.

Visit Our Global Responsibility Report Site

Nielsen in Action


Over 300% increase in participation in grass root initiatives since office Green Teams started mid-2013.


Paper saving initiatives show a decrease of overall usage in North America by 5% between 2013 and 2015, a reduction of over one million sheets of paper.


Nielsen's Travel & Expense program moved our North America expense reporting process online to avoid using paper receipts. In one year, ~ 65% of all expenses moved to online processing.

89,488 kwh

In San Juan, Puerto Rico, an electric suppressor was installed in the office, reducing energy consumption and billing. Cost savings between November 2014 and November 2015 equaled $43,213.16, with energy savings of 89,488 kilowatt hours (kwh).

5,300 lbs

In Oldsmar, Florida, a Haz-to-go E-cycling event attracted 70 participants who delivered 5,300 pounds of waste for e-cycling.


More than 30,000 employees participated in Earth Week in 2015, a week of sustainable activities to promote green awareness, impact and advocacy.

Battery Recycling

Battery recycling in Moscow and New York City, among other locations, has focused on managing the improper disposal of batteries by placing bins in the office to collect and dispose of them more efficiently.

LED Bulbs

LED bulbs have made office and desk lighting more efficient in Lisbon and Moscow offices.

Earth Week 2015

Over 30,000 associates came together globally to celebrate a five-day event, Earth Week, in April 2015. Nielsen's impact included:

India Green Team with Greenpeace Mascot
Minnesota Green Team micro-gardening
San Francisco green volunteers cleaning Angel Island
Puerto Rico Green Team supporting local green planting work
Learn more about Nielsen's environmental program and guidelines on Nielsen Green Team. For additional information contact us at nielsengreenteam@nielsen.com.
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