Environmental Responsibility


Univar both operates and serves in global industries that have significant focus on identifying and minimizing impacts on the environment and taking action to reduce risk. While our global operations are governed by a breadth of legislative requirements, Univar has proactively gone beyond requirements and, where appropriate, has implemented comprehensive environment, health and safety policies and standards. Our operations consist of sites that maintain ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications, with the remainder of our sites modeling their management systems around these international standards.


When it comes to environmental and health and safety data, Univar believes in being able to see the issue in order to control it. To achieve this, we have systems in place requiring that energy, water, waste, and health and safety data be reported monthly or as appropriate by regional representatives across our facilities. We further extended our data collection processes in 2016 to include a greater proportion of our operations to better represent Univar.

Our comprehensive global data collection program feeds into our management systems and serves as the foundation of measuring performance against targets. We review our objectives and targets frequently to ensure we are making progress against our operations most material issues.

We are committed to addressing the key areas of our operations that pose risk to the environment. Given the nature of our business, a significant proportion of our efforts are focused on pollution prevention, waste reduction, energy efficiency and reducing resource consumption. In 2016, we invested more than $3 million across our operations in environmental protection and impact reduction, directly targeting our material issues. We believe that these environmental protection investments are investments for the future of Univar and the communities in which we operate.