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    FedEx Annual Report 2017

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To our shareowners,

FedEx Corporation performed exceptionally well in fiscal 2017, and we are very optimistic about our future.

In FY17, we boosted long-term value for shareowners — delivered an outstanding peak season with highest ever volumes and service levels; invested heavily in several strategic areas; and managed yields and volumes extremely well.

Three areas of focus not only contributed to a very profitable year but also promise to accelerate performance that will improve margins, cash flows, returns, and earnings per share going forward. They are:

Investments. We continue to take advantage of market growth and meet customers’ increasing demands for our services.

Integration. We’re building on our record of success as we integrate acquisitions we’ve made in recent years.

Innovation. We’re rapidly advancing information-technology solutions targeting efficiency and customer convenience.

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From Package Handler to President and COO

After graduating from Ohio’s Kent State University in 1976, David J. Bronczek began his career as so many FedEx leaders have — on the frontline.

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TNT Express Integration Is in Full Swing

We’ve reached key TNT Express integration milestones in FY17.

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Solutions Make E-Commerce Easier, More Profitable

E-commerce continues to reshape retail, with retailers moving rapidly to meet shifting consumer behavior and expectations. As the big picture evolves, our role is clear: facilitate profitable e-commerce growth.

Here’s what we’re doing

New Aircraft Improve Fuel Efficiency and Customer Service

Investing in new aircraft not only reduces maintenance costs, it increases reliability, which translates into a better customer experience.

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FedEx Freight Launches New CNG Fleet

From electric delivery vans to more fuel-efficient aircraft, FedEx continually pursues innovations to reduce our environmental impact. FedEx Freight is driving one of our latest initiatives to explore alternative fuel sources: compressed natural gas (CNG).

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Investing in a Better World

FedEx understands that how we connect the world matters. We invest in community programs that mirror our corporate priorities and improve lives around the world.

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