FedEx Annual Report 2018

Disaster Response

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Help and hope delivered

Three hurricanes, three earthquakes, wildfires, and floods laid waste to communities in North America during FY18. The FedEx network of planes, vehicles, and hubs repeatedly mobilized to deliver urgently needed medicines, medical supplies, hygiene kits, generators, and other relief in addition to the more than 14 million packages it handles daily. FedEx even responded to pet emergencies when shelters became quickly overcrowded due to displaced dogs and cats.

In spite of the number of disasters coming on the heels of each other, FedEx was well-prepared. We use our logistics and planning capabilities, as well as our shipping expertise and long-standing relationships with relief organizations, to work together seamlessly when disaster strikes. For example, humanitarian aid organization International Medical Corps keeps its emergency field hospital components in a warehouse near the Memphis World Hub. The FedEx network can deploy the hospital anywhere in the world within 48 hours. “Speed saves lives,” says Ian Rodgers, director of emergency response for the nonprofit philanthropy. “FedEx helps us get there as fast as possible and respond in the way that we need to respond.”

In addition to shipping and logistics, FedEx volunteers deliver the Purple Promise to our communities by providing hands-on help with rescues, cleanup, and rebuilding. At FedEx, we do what we do best for people, and sometimes pets, who need it the most.

FedEx response to the 2017 North America disasters

FedEx cash and in-kind shipping donations
meals delivered to Florida and Houston
tons of relief supplies delivered to Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Florida
shelter animals transported from Florida to the Pacific Northwest